5 Ways To Save On Your Wedding Limo Hire

We all know that weddings are expensive. Wedding limo hire is therefore something that comes as an additional cost to the cost of a wedding. However, hiring a
wedding limo is not only a service – it is an emotion, a way of arriving to your wedding and most importantly, a way of feeling that can’t be described with words.

Still, many couples want to reduce their overall wedding bills even with the wedding limo hire inside them. In order to help you do that, we are listing 5 simple
tricks below.

1. Planning ahead

When most people think of a wedding limo, they immediately start thinking of the typical stretch limousine. As you probably know, there are wedding limos in all
sizes, shapes and colors – and if you don’t like the stretch white one, you can go for a different model or choose from the fleet of vehicles. From luxury sedans to
old vintage classic cars, exotic sports cars or the popular stretch Hummers – renting a wedding limo is something that tailors to your needs and style. The best
way to save money is therefore to plan your type of wedding limo ahead.

2. Special deals

There are tons of limo companies out there known for their wedding limo discounts, special promotions and many tactics to increase their bookings. While we
are definitely not saying you should consider each and every one of them, those special deals can definitely be a lifesaver when it comes to your wallet.
You can save hundreds of dollars on a wedding limo company by simply asking if they have any current deals or special offers.

3. Combine the bookings for more savings

Your wedding day may require more than just one limousine. In cases like those, we all know that discounts may be possible. Even if your limo company states
that there aren’t any deals, they are sure to negotiate with you to secure your booking. It is up to you to negotiate a lower cost across all bookings and save
money on your wedding limo.

4. Request one pickup point

Did you know that requesting one pickup point makes the prices of a wedding limo drop?

Instead of arranging multiple locations, arrange all the limo passengers to meet at a central location and get the chauffeur to meet you in one location for the
pickup. By doing this, you will reduce your overall limo hire costs!

We hope you liked these 4 ways to save money on a wedding limo!