Add Live Music To Your Wedding Ceremony Or Reception

The legalities of a wedding form the basics of the actual marriage ceremony. And without dressing things up, a wedding can be quite a lifeless affair. Then again, adding a few items to the mix can turn a lackluster wedding event into a memorable one. Fresh flower arrangements, venue decor, centerpieces, mood lighting, and food can all add to the splendor of the celebration, but music can make it an experience that’s so much more incredible.

Whether the wedding event is formal or informal, traditional or non-traditional, the perfect live music can generate an atmosphere of romance and exhilaration that you can’t reproduce in any other way. Ceremonies without music will often have guests thinking “how much longer is this ceremony going to be?” But good music adds romance to the occasion, as well as fun and excitement, keeping everyone interested, engaged, and focused.

However, it’s the reception music that can make the day totally unforgettable. Without any music at all, a large percentage of guests will quickly be heading for the door once they’ve had their fill of the food being offered, unless there isn’t any food; and in that case the bored guests will be heading to the exit as soon as the newlyweds turn their back so they won’t see them escaping.

The ultimate way to liven up a wedding celebration is to give your guests some music to dance to and a band to interact with. Naturally, you could hire a DJ to provide the music instead of a large band, but live music never fails to add more to the occasion than recorded music. Using a classical or pop guitarist, stringed trio, or pianist is going to make the occasion much more entertaining for everybody in attendance. But a live dance band will ratchet up the excitement like you wouldn’t believe.

Wedding crowds love to dance, so offering a wedding party band that plays one dance hit after the other will have the wedding crowd on the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning. When you want your invited guests to tell you how impressive your wedding reception was for weeks or months to come, a live wedding cover band is pretty much a sure-fire bet. The room decor or food is usually not what the folks remember, it’s the entertainment.

Pre-recorded music is normally less expensive, but if you would like your once-in-a-lifetime event to be as special as it can possibly be, and as special as you’ve always dreamed it would be, you should consider spending a bit more for live musicians and hire a good band.