Bargain Property In Spain And Where To Find It

Spain has always been a popular destination for holidays, second homes, or relocations due to its sunny weather, and relaxed lifestyle. As a country, it suffered very badly in the financial crisis of 2008, and property prices plummeted. Though there has been some recovery in the property market, prices have remained low and it is still possible to find great bargains if you are looking to relocate to Spain or purchase a holiday home.

Costa Blanca is a coastal region that is very popular amongst foreign nationals due to the ease of access, the stunning coastline setting, and the proliferation of beach and golf resorts. This can mean that it feels less authentically Spanish, and it also means that many of the resorts and villas are pricey. However, there are still bargains to be found if you look. La Manga, on the southern coast is also resort territory, but you can pay a lot less than in the Costa Blanca region. Almeria is a stunning coastline with nature reserves, sandy beaches, and Moorish towns and villages. You can often find great bargains in the main town or its surrounding villages.

You can usually find cheaper prices out of the main centres, even just a few kilometres from the main hubs, or if you are willing to look further inland instead of being on the coast. Malaga, Córdoba, Seville, Jaen, and Granada are all beautiful spots that dont carry the same price tag as the coastal regions. La Zenia, a lovely inland town that is known for its fabulous shopping centre, was recently ranked by the Spanish property portal Costa Blanca Magic as the best town to find a bargain property. Click here for property for sale in La Zenia.

There are several Spanish property sites to help you compare prices and locations. Always employ a good, English speaking property lawyer in Spain to help you navigate the purchase and the legalities. You can expect to pay around 10% of the purchase for legal fees and other costs.

You may also like to consider buying on auction. There are many bargains to be found in the form of repossessed properties, either from buyers who have defaulted on their bank loans, and developers who have gone bankrupt. However, if you choose this route, it is best if you are already in the country. Properties move fast, so something you see online could be gone by the time you have had someone have a look at it for you. And, you should always inspect the property first otherwise you may never be quite sure what you are getting.

You can do a lot of comparing online before you go, but it is recommended to go and spend some time in the towns you are considering before you actually buy into them. This isnt just so you are able to look at the properties themselves, but also so that you can get a feel for the place and the lifestyle before you commit to a specific region or town.