Best Haunted Hotels For Thrill Seekers And Ghost Hunters

If you’re interested in checking out for yourself whether ghost stories are real or not, you don’t need to go to Sleepy Hollow and meet the Headless Horseman yourself. All you will ever need is to find an available room in any of these best haunted hotels that are often the center of talk among thrill-seekers, eidoists, ghost-hunters, and everyone in between. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you. If you have a heart condition, please book an accommodation elsewhere.

Colorado’s Stanley Hotel

If you have to book a room at the Stanley Hotel, make sure to book any room except Room 217. Both hotel staff and guests have consistently reported guests’ belongings being unpacked from their luggage and stored into the room’s closets. Unfortunately, this personalized service is provided by a former Stanley Hotel staff, Elisabeth Wilson, who died in 1911 at the hotel. Also, steer clear of walking down the hallway of the 4th floor especially at night. Children giggling and running on the hallways of the fourth floor have also been reported. You might also want to skip lounging at the lobby from time to time as you might bump into the ghosts of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley.

Northumberland’s Chillingham Castle

The Chillingham Castle in Northumberland, England is a 12-century castle that is well-known for its gruesome executions. Traitors to the English crown were hung, drawn, and quartered. The grisly signs of these executions can still be felt in the castle’s hallways and individual suites, although the spine-chilling experience can reach its crescendo at the Torture Chamber. Yes, as hotel guests, you can visit this horrific room where countless souls were lost on the executioner’s block as well as other tools of the trade. For the brave, there is only one room to go – the Pink Room. Make sure you don’t go alone; if you do take a dog for this trip moral support. Book a night and you’ll find out just how brave you are.

Florence’s Hotel Burchianti

Try to book the Fresco Room at the Hotel Burchianti in Florence, Italy and you will be treated to two very special experiences. First, you’ll get to experience first-hand how Benito Mussolini must have felt when he was treated like a king in this stately suite. Second, you’ll also get an eerie feeling that steely-cold eyes are glued on you. You’ll also be waking up in the middle of the night with an icy breath on your white-as-snow face. If you cannot book the Fresco Room, for sure you’ll still be treated to some ghostly experience.

Los Angeles’ Hollywood Roosevelt

Care to experience the ghost of Marilyn Monroe? While it is not established whether the ghost of a blonde woman frequently seen in the same suite that the blonde bombshell stayed in is really the ghost of Marilyn Monroe, the coincidence is simply great to ignore. If you don’t see her at the suite, you might also have a chance at the Tropicana, the poolside nightclub of the hotel.

Not many folks actually believe in ghosts mostly because of the lack of scientific evidence supporting their existence. But, you’ve got to experience these hotels to help you make up your mind.