Caribbean Self-catering Holidays – Barbados Options

For those who are going on a Caribbean vacation, especially those who are going as a family or as a group of friends, it is more than likely that a self-catering apartment, an apartment hotel, or a villa will be the first choice of accommodation.

Self-catering implies that your holiday is somewhat more independent as you are usually away from the crowds in your own home away from home. Typically, self-catering lodgings are more private, more spacious and have all the conveniences of home.

In my experience, I have found there is a large variation in standards within each island and across islands. There were some Caribbean apartment hotels and other self-catering accommodations that were excellent while others were just not up to our standard.

In this article, I shared some of the tricks I learned in order to find out which was which for our self-catering holiday in the Caribbean. I started my search looking at apartment hotels in Barbados. The principles will apply to any island and I will discuss that in an upcoming article. Of course, each island has its own regional differences and cultures, and not everyone is the same. It all depends on what kind of vacation you like. The choices are endless.

In Barbados, the southern part of the island is the best place to get down with the local scene since this place is full of accessible accommodations that are not swanky and that do not have large beach fronts. The south of the island is also where Oistins is located. This is where the real Bajan beach party takes place.

Many of the backpacker travellers, along with a number of millennial and modern day travellers who are either on a budget, or are just in it to get the most authentic travel experience they can. To them, authentic means something that is not in the usual tourist packages. These people tend to dislike anywhere that feels too “touristy”. This simply means that going into swanky hotel resorts are not real options.

For the adventurous type, it would be best to look for accommodations that are near the city. In the southern area, one can find Worthing, St. Lawrence Gap, Hastings, and Silver Sands in Christ Church. It also is where the famous Crane Beach is located. This is why the South Coast is definitely a whole lot busier and a little bit more fun. Aside from these sites, all the nightclubs, restaurants and bars are also mostly located in the south. Getting an apartment near the south is important since the inebriated ones would find it easier to get home.

Some families want a safe and wholesome trip for their kids. Some honeymooners prefer to lounge together in romantic but private getaways. It is not so hard to get inexpensive accommodations in the southern part of the Barbados. However, a lot of the apartments there are just concrete buildings without much flair. For something more specialized, there are distinctive apartment hotels and villa resorts that give you the ambience along with all of the advantages of self-catering.

In the northern area of the island, there are many hotels and beaches that are more or less secluded. However, this is also where the swankiest and therefore most expensive accommodations would be found. The best thing to do for those who want privacy and relaxation but who also want to save some money is to get accommodations in the north of Barbados but nor from a hotel that has a beachfront.

There are several charming Barbados apartment hotel accommodations that are five to ten minutes away from the each by foot. These might be the best choice for those who want privacy. But there are also beachside accommodations in the north that might be slightly above the budget but will be well worth it.

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