Exotic Travel Destination Spots You Need To Go To Now

One of the many reasons why people travel is to see something new and travellers love to explore places theyve never been to before. They look forward to experiencing what its like living in that particular place even for just a short period of time. Most people travel to places that are completely different from their hometown or country. That is why most people go for exotic travel destinations.

When you think of exotic destinations, you think of sprawling white sandy beaches, pina coladas served to you while you sunbathe and fun activities under the sun. These are not the only things that you can enjoy in your exotic travel destinations. Inland destinations that have rich culture, incredible views and remarkable landmarks are also considered as exotic destinations, even without the beaches and tropical views.

Here are some of the best exotic travel destination spots you can include in your travel bucket list:

1. Fiji This small island country is a destination that you should visit at least once in your life.

The country is composed of approximately 330 islands making it an archipelago of beautiful, pristine white beaches and clear waters. Fiji is a favourite destination for honeymooners because of the many beautiful island resorts available there. These resorts offer full amenities such as beachfront views, couples activities and so much more.

Fiji is not only great for honeymooners. It is also a great place for anyone just looking for a relaxing vacation. The crystal-clear waters, exotic food and friendly people are sure to make anyone feel that he or she is in paradise. All thoughts of stressful work and tiring everyday activities are sure to be forgotten once you arrive in Fiji.

2. Brazil Brazil has a reputation for having some of the happiest people in the world.

In fact, many travel guides have listed Brazil as one of the happiest countries in the world. Here, you will find incredible people, amazing places and exotic cuisines. Brazil is home to the Christ the Redeemer statue, which is its top tourist attraction.

Other than the huge image of Jesus watching over Rio de Janeiro, youll also find a lot of exotic locations to explore in this huge South American country. They offer surfing and dolphin watching at Pipa Beach as well as paragliding and other watersports in Canoa Quebrada.

Brazilian cuisine serves some of the most flavourful and exciting dishes youll ever taste. Brazil is known for feijoada, acaraje and, of course, barbequed meat.

3. Kenya Kenya is one of the most beautiful African nations there is.

It is home to many exotic animals. Unlike the ones that you see in zoos and other animal sanctuaries, animals in Kenya are allowed to roam free so you can see them in their natural habitat.

People who travel to African nations sometimes worry about not having accommodations and amenities similar to the luxury villas they know from past vacations. But that should not be the case. Kenya has a slew of beautiful hotels and resorts that can rival any other 5-star hotel in the world. They also have modern conveniences such as Internet so you dont have to worry about not feeling connected to the world.

When youre in Kenya, all you need to do is enjoy the safari as well as the beautiful traditions and culture not found anywhere else in the world.

4. Cambodia Cambodia is home to the Angkor Wat.

This famous landmark is a world-renowned heritage site. The centuries-old architecture is a marvel to behold and can really take your breath away. The people of Cambodia are also some of the friendliest people in the world. They are very welcoming of tourists so be sure to talk to them while youre there.

The accommodations in Cambodia range from simple backpackers hostels to elaborate villas similar to some of the Caribbeans luxury villas. There are 5-star hotels and resorts fronting beautiful views of beaches and other wonderful tourist attractions.

5. The Caribbean Possibly the place that inspires the word exotic is the Caribbean.

This island-region consists of beautiful places such as Barbados, Aruba, Cuba, St. Lucia and so many others. Caribbean villas are on the top of the list for many travellers because they are some of the most luxurious accommodation you will find anywhere. Often villas are built on the beaches and sometimes right out into the sea so that tourists can get a 360-degree view of the ocean. The tranquil seas and abundance of sunshine can be described as Paradise on Earth.

The vast expanse of water that surrounds the Caribbean makes it a water activity haven. You can swim with the dolphins and sharks (if you are brave enough), snorkel, scuba dive and even just go for a quick swim. After youre done with all these great activities, you can sink your teeth into flavourful Caribbean dishes.

The Caribbean is home to many beautiful islands as well as wonderful local cuisines. Here, youll find tropical fruits and abundant seafood dishes that you rarely find in the city.Luxury villas in the Caribbean plus great food and perpetual sun make this the tropical paradise of your dreams.

6. Egypt Egypt is the place of pyramids, mummies and legends of gods.

This place is possibly on every travellers bucket list. Visiting Egypt will take you back in history and show you how people of the world used to live. Egypt offers a unique blend of old and new. It has structures that are thousands of years old as well as modern amenities similar to the Caribbean, although possibly with less ocean water.

Food in Egypt is a mix of Eastern European dishes and traditional cuisines that have been passed on from one Egyptian generation to another. Most of their dishes comprise of stews and meat dishes. You wont want to miss out on dishes such as konafah and gibna domiati.

These are just a few of the most exotic destinations that you should visit while you can. Whether you are an adventurer looking for exotic locations or just a regular traveller looking for a place to see, these places will surely live up to your expectations. Book that flight today and go see the world and all its wonder.