Flopping Fish Cat Toys For Your Active Kitty

As much fun as it is to get the latest trendy toy for your kitty, it’s a better idea to invest in cat toys that won’t be destroyed if the batteries in them run out. Many animals have been allergic to certain types of battery-powered noise and light show products over the years. The same is true of fish and their items. If you have your heart set on buying some floating frolicking fish lures to liven up the living room, make sure they don’t run on batteries.

Another great way to find flopping fish cat toys that don’t run on batteries is to buy them made with environmentally friendly materials. Some of the best and most durable plush toys and stuffed animals are ones made with rubber tree sap or organically grown catnip. These soft, cuddly items will not scratch or tear, making them wonderful additions to any home.

One particular item that many cats enjoy is a little plastic ball that acts as a flipper for your cat to play with. A good way to make sure your cat stays happily playing with this kitty ball is to give it a motion sensor. This motion sensor is connected to a cord that runs behind the flopping fish cat toy and away from your cat. When the cat moves in the direction the sensor detects, a light sensor will go on in the darkness, signaling that the cat is in danger of coming into contact with the ball.

Most of the best-flopping fish cat toys use a rubber float rather than a spring-loaded spring, which make them more durable. But all of these conveniences can only make them that much better. Many of the older kitty toys used nails or pins to keep the toys stuck on the floor. These are no longer available and often unsafe for children.

Plastic toys tend to be much more durable than their wooden counterparts, and they are a bit quieter. But all of these pros come with a couple of cons. Wood is a bit more fragile, especially if your cat gets his claws stuck in it. But the plastic ones can break much more easily and quickly, and they do not provide a great value.

If you are shopping for a cat toy that your pet will love, then take some time to read the ratings of each one. The best ones will be recommended by at least one person you know who has purchased and loves the toy. And look carefully at the details of how the cat toy works. Does it work with both eyes? Is it durable enough to withstand your pet’s rough play?