Heading To Barbados? Here’s A List Of 5 Activities You Must Do!

Barbados, A World’s Top Vacation Spots!

It’s an equatorial country, so it’s summer there all-year. And the culture is friendly and social, with many festivals and beach activities.

Not to mention it’s a well developed island, with a clean environment.

As the video show there are endless thinhs to do in this tiny island. We concentrate on 5 activities that we think you should not miss.

You need to know what to check out, where to hangout, what to do, what attractions to visit and what events you will not want to miss. Barbados has a lot going on and you must check the WhatsOninBarbados for the world class event that might be on while your are there.

This is something we’ll help you with. Below, we’ll review the 5 activities yu abso;utle should not miss, starting with Bridgetown, Barbados.


Yes. This is the capital city of Barbados.

And for a capital city, it’s low-populated. Bridgetown’s population doesn’t exceed 10,000. So it’s smaller than most towns in your country.

And a small population means you are not going to contend with massive crowds typical of many famous travel destinations.

(1) Visit the Chamberlain Bridge

It’s a landmark in the city of Bridgetown. It’s not like most landmarks, its a small lift bridge that is part of the waterway in and out of the Careenage. The bridge lifts up in the centre to let tall sail boat and yachts pass under it.

Located right in the city’s center, it was built in the mid-1860s. So it’s quite old and now a historic landmark that is very popular with travellers. Their are excellent restaurants and shopping on the waterfront here.

Explore the Shops

You get a chance to explore the culture of the shops. You can explore Bajan culture, artwork, and get a good vibe for the history of Barbados.

If you don’t like souvenir shops, you can always check out something else. Like:

(2) The Cheapside Market

The Cheapside market is a place to get your locally grown fruits and vegetables.

It’s located on Cheapside road, close to the General Post Office. So it’s easy to reach if you ask any of the locals.

It’s one of the Caribbean’s largest collection of stalls all selling fresh produce. Its very local, clean and you can buy local yams, sweet potation, dasheen, callaoee, orcas, and all sort of fresh local fruit and vegetables, some you may never have heard of and you will certainly want to try. There are food stalls here also where you can try Bajan rotis, peas and rice and other local foods.

It’s a good place to be if you want to learn about Bridgetown’s cuisine and their care for food quality.

(3) Carlisle Bay

Let’s get away from markets for a while.

You’re in Barbados for the marine environment. After all, it is an island nation that excels in tourism.

And of the best spots in Bridgetown is Carlisle Bay.

A simple photo will show you the beauty of the beach. Carlisle Bay has soft white sand, with clear light blue water.

It’s like stepping in a waterpark, only that it’s natural.

The Bay is only an hour from the Grantley Adams International airport. You can get there by taxi in no-time.

We should also mention that the beach is open to the public. You don’t pay a fee to gain access to it, like with many Caribbean beaches!

So you can be spontaneous about visiting the place. There, you can take romantic walks with a loved. Or you can spend happy times swimming in the water!

(4) S.S. Stavronikita

As you can tell from the name, it’s a sunken ship.

This was a Greek ship that sunk from an explosion 20 years ago. After sinking, it became a nesting spot for many marine creatures.

Examples include turtles, barracudas, and coral life.

And it’s not just a nesting spot. It’s a dive spot that you should consider exploring.

All you need is dive gear, and the aid of an experienced instructor to show you around. You’ll have a fun time seeing what it’s like to excavate a ship meters below water.

(5) Bridgetown’s Jewish Synagogue

This is one of the island’s oldest buildings.

Originally, it was built in the 1600s, and has gone extensive renovations since. The synagogue is still active to this day. It has over 100 members attending religious services.

It’s also a learning center for Barbadian history. At the synagogue, you can attend for occasional classes on Barbadian immigration history.

It also contains a museum, which you should explore.

Time to Plan Your Vacation

There’s much more to see in Barbados.

What we just mentioned was the best in Bridgetown. The island country has many more places for you to visit and explore.

And if you’re not convinced, then just do extra research. It’ll help you see how Barbados is a perfect vacation spot.

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