How To Have A Dog & A Clean Home At The Same Time

Our home is for sure a dog crazy household. We are obsessed with dogs. We love them to bits. Having said that, all people who own dogs can understand where I am coming from when I say that it can be a little challenging in keeping up with the cleaning when there are a couple of them fury things running around or even just one for that matter. I am very familiar with dirty paw marks over my blanket, hair absolutely everywhere and the best of all, food that has to be brought into another room from the kitchen to be eaten, nope the kitchen aint good enough, it has to be eaten in another room.

Fear not though because there are quite a few tricks and things that you can do in the pursuit of a clean house while owning pets. Have you ever tried an automatic vacuum? Im sure you know that even with a pet that does not constantly shed, you have to vacuum on a very frequent basis and this is where an automatic vacuum can do wonders for you. It really is a lifesaver especially when you have dogs that come into the house which has just been vacuumed and you end up having to do it all over again. The beauty of these automatic cleaners is that they can be left on all the time to continuously vacuum while you get on with other things.

Another great way to keep dirt on your floors to a minimum is to always wipe your dogs paws. If getting down and dirty with your dogs paws does not sound like something that you see yourself doing so often then simply place mats at all the entrances and let nature do its thing naturally. You will find that even though you are not wiping your pets feet that he ends up doing it naturally when he constantly walks over the mats that you have laid at every entrance.

Lastly, we need to talk about mopping. I always find myself mopping the floor continuously due to all the mud and dirt that builds up that even the vacuum can not get off. As I am sure you know, mopping can get old very fast. Its so annoying to always have to fill a bucket and carry it around. I have found that a microfiber mop is the quickest and most effective way to clean up and mop the floor. It does not need a bucket of water to clean, all you need to do is wet a pad and drop and mop. This saves me hours of time every week.