Maui Whale Watch Tours

Maui can offer you the best vacation in Hawaii. From hitting the beach or just basking in the sun to scuba diving and snorkeling, and from whale watching to shopping and volcano tour, a Maui vacation offers it all with a spectacular island sun, sea, and sand. These are among the many Maui activities and tours you could choose from to have an exciting, fun-filled, within the budget vacation.

Having the chance to experience whales in their natural habitat by taking a whale watching tour could be the one and only chance you have to do so. This makes it important to make the experience count, get the most for you money spent and make sure that the whale watching tour that you book is a reputable company, as you may only get one chance to get a good look.

Things to Look Out For

An experienced, knowledgeable and patient guide will be the first indication that the tour you are about to embark on is legitimate. Most of the time the whale watching tour companies are registered as an official tour operator and happily advertise the information to visitors before the tickets cruise are purchased.
A whale watching tour guide needs to have the right combination of educational and scientific knowledge to make your day a memorable one out at sea. Your guide should have a comprehensive log book, logging sightings of whales, the species, the size of the pod, that kind of thing, along with photos and other information.

Tours to stay away from

So often these days, because of a large amount of migrating whales passing through bays and harbours, you get opportunists that try and make a quick profit by offering whale watching tours for a steep price.
These guides and tour operators are not reputable and are not out to offer an educational experience that will encourage visitors to be more aware of the marine life, and are just out to make as much money as possible. In all cases, these whale watching tour operators must be avoided. A good Whale Watching Tour is located on the west side of Maui

Maui whale watch tours are indeed safe; your tour guide will do a quick run through on the basics of boat safety and should have the proper lifesaving equipment on board. Visitors do not need to worry so much about the safety aspect, a good whale watching tour is not a speed test on the open water, it is a gentle meander, if you will, out on the open sea, and the more care and patience one practices out there, the better your chances of having the best sightings will be.

The idea is not to disturb the beautiful animals, agitate them or invade their space, but to have the chance to observe them and their behaviour in their natural habitat.
A good tour guide will respect the animal’s space, and will not go closer than regulations allow and will not allow human interaction with the creatures. Visitors must take plenty of photographs and enjoy the wonderful and spectacular privilege out with these gentle giants of the sea.