Pet Travel Using The Pet Travel Scheme

Under the rules of the pet travel scheme, as long as the rules are met, people may take their cat, dog or ferret in and out of the United Kingdom. The travel rules for pets apply to all domestic cats, dogs (also guide and assistance dogs too), as well as ferrets who travel with their owners.

They may enter and re-enter the United Kingdom from any country around the globe without being put into quarantine as long as they meet the rules of PETS (Pet Travel Scheme). These rules differ depending on the territory or country the pet hails from. Cats, ferrets and dogs going into the United Kingdom under the PETS scheme are only allowed to do so on routes that are approved. No restrictions apply to you taking invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, pet rodents, rabbits or birds from other countries in the EU into the United Kingdom.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your pet meets all the requirements for entry into the United Kingdom under the scheme for pet travel. After you have met all the requirements for your cat, ferret or dog to travel via the Pet Travel Scheme, this will make your life a lot easier as it will allow all of you to travel between the European Union as well as listed countries fairly easily without your pets having to end up in quarantine.

Although your veterinarian can give you good advice regarding the requirements and rules for going into the UK under the scheme for pet travel, you are actually responsible for making sure that all the rules are followed. Ensure that the correct order is followed for all required procedures and that all the pet’s paperwork is completed correctly as well. If this procedure is not carried out correctly, your pet might not be allowed to enter the country or may even be placed in quarantine upon arrival. This will not only be unpleasant for your pet and cause delays but could also cost you money too.

Rules also have to be adhered to for pets who travel with you by air. There are some pets that will be allowed to travel with you in the cabin which will be counted either as checked baggage or counted towards the allowance you get for carry-on luggage. The allowances offered for pets going as baggage that is checked are fairly generous with most airlines. Pets that are allowed to travel as checked baggage include dogs, cats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, birds, rabbits and hedgehogs. Certain airlines allow one hundred pounds for the combined weight of your pet and their pet carrier as well as sometimes allowing one passenger to be able to check in up to 6 pets as well should you be a multi-pet traveler.