Family fitness is not all about exercising for better body toning; it goes to family bonding as well. Family physical wellness can be easy if you make it just a routine. There are a number of ways you can include into your daily activity to make it work well for you from swimming to dog walking or even taking a walk; there is so much you can do.

familyThe best way to begin increasing your family’s physical activity is to schedule time for it. Start by identifying at least three 30-minute time slots this week for activities like taking a walk, playing sports or doing active chores. Choose times of the day or week when everyone is most likely to stick to the schedule.

Play tag, swim, toss a ball, jump rope, hula-hoop, dance to music or even play a dancing video game. It doesn’t have to be sports—just get your family moving!

Walk the dog, go for a jog, go on a bike ride, take the stairs or head to the park and let kids run around for a while.

Celebrate special occasions—like birthdays or anniversaries—with something active, such as a hike, a volleyball or soccer game or playing Frisbee at the park.

Get the whole family involved in household chores like cleaning, vacuuming, and yard work.

Walk instead of drive whenever you can. If you have to drive, find a spot at the far end of the parking lot and walk to where you’re going.

Park farther away and count with your children the number of steps from the car to your destination. Write it down and see if you can park even farther away on your next stop.

Train as a family for a charity walk or run.

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A good family fitness workout depends on the preparation you engage. A good preparation for fitness workout is helpful not only to your workout readiness but also for your health. Getting your body ready for the workout is the best way to a healthy exercise.

You can roll virtually every part of your body, but in the interest of time during family workouts, we stick to the major muscles of the legs and back. Roll up and down for about 30 seconds each. This can also be used as a cool-down.

Walking low lunges with arm reaches are great for getting your whole body moving. Step forward in a lunge position and put both hands down on either side of your front foot. Reach one arm up at a time and then return to standing. Repeat on the other side, alternating for a set of eight to 12 lunges.

Chalk ladder agility exercises are fun and invigorating. You can do any number of hopping, sidestepping or skipping exercises. Our family likes to play “Follow the Leader,” with each member getting the opportunity to lead an exercise of his or her choice up and back on the ladder. If you don’t have sidewalk chalk, you can do any of the suggested exercises without drawing a ladder.

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Family exercise is a great way for body strength and bonding as well. The best part about doing family exercise is that doing it together helps the individual family members benefit even further from the exercise in one way or the other. Encouragement, support and motivation are fundamental in teamwork.

There are plenty of benefits to working out with friends and family. It provides an extra ounce of encouragement and motivation when working out together. These are people with whom you’re already comfortable and have an established rapport. This takes the pressure away from performing, and perceived embarrassment away from making mistakes.

Including others in these activities also helps to strengthen your support network. A study showed that having a regular, unstructured period of time to interact with other people provides a great outlet for the challenges you may be going through. It also provides an opportunity for you to help others who might be in need, which can lead to improvements in mood and well-being and give you a stronger sense of self-worth.

Another reason for activating your family and friends is that by saving their mobility, you are actually saving their lives. I am passionate about this. As household leaders and health-care decision-makers, you are in a powerful position to change the lives of those you care most about. By now, your friends and family have noticed you are thriving. They are probably commenting to you about the changes in your body and attitude. Now that you have their attention, invite them to join you.

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