The Four Must-see Museums In Europe 

Europe is easily considered one of the cultural birthplaces in the world. On its soil walked a lot of great artists – from musicians to writers alike. Europe is also famous for various types of art and since then, a lot of tourists have constantly visited destinations that showcases Europe’s love for art.
There are many museums in Europe and you cannot go to all of them unless you’re going to stay here for a long time. Because of that, this article offers you a narrowed down a list of the must-see museums in Europe both for the art that it contains and its architecture. 

Louvre in Paris, France

When you go to Europe, visiting the Louvre has been a rite of passage. There is not a day where you won’t see any tourist taking a picture of its large triangular and glass exterior. This museum is easily one of the most common photo destinations especially when night comes. When it gets dark, the museum is sprinkled with lights along its exterior and this creates a certain feeling of class and sophistication. 
But there’s another reason why the Louvre is famous. More than anything, this museum houses one of the greatest and most controversial paintings of all time – The Mona Lisa.

The Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain

If you find yourself in Bilbao, Spain, the Guggenheim should be on your itinerary. Just looking at it from afar already prepares you for the modernity and contemporary art that awaits you inside. Its facade looks like its made of steel and it has different swirls and curves that you will wonder how it is inside. The museum is also known for housing contemporary art and postwar art. Dog lovers will love the giant flower covered puppy outside the main entrance to this museum, making it another dog friendly pilgrimage on the European travel circuit for dog owners.

The Anne Frank House in Prinsengracht, Amsterdam

You’ve probably heard of this museum from a number of movies and have wondered who Anne Frank is. For a brief explanation, Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who was part of World War Two and became famous for the diary she has kept while she was hiding. Along with a few people, Anne Frank hid in Prinsengracht 263 for two years until they were discovered by the holocaust. Unfortunately, she was not able to survive the war once she was brought to the concentration camps. This museum is supposed to commemorate her and her gripping story of World War Two.

The British Museum in London, England

Housing more than 8 million works of art, the British Museum showcases exhibits that show the history of culture and art. It is by far the only museum people can say to have a comprehensive collection of art throughout the ages. Its exterior boasts of tall Greek columns that make you feel you went to Greece instead of England. But all of these are not as important as what you will see inside.  
The British Museum is a haven for those who have an eye for art and for those interested in knowing about the history of culture.