The Small But Filled Country Of Uruguay

Uruguay, the smallest country on the South American continent, is gaining popularity. Caught between Brazil and Argentina, this country can simply be missable. But it surely is a wonder you should not miss. If authentic is what you are looking for, this country is perfect for you. Uruguay offers an experience of the local everyday life be it being stuck in traffic or traveling a dirt road. This country might be small but what it can offer is quite the opposite. Uruguay has a lot in store for travelers. It has cosmopolitan regions and wildlife regions as well.

Accommodation would not be a problem because of there are a lot of hotels in the city. To mention one is Uruguays famous Sheraton Hotel. It would be a two in one hit when you book here because of its proximity to Punta Carretas Mall. The latter is linked to the former. It is one of the biggest and busiest shopping malls in Uruguay with over 200 stores.

Casapueblo is also a good choice for a hotel. It is 9-stories high up a cliffside with pools and spa. Less than ten miles from Casapueblo is Punta del Este, a famous seaside resort, where you can party all through the night.

Other travel guides for parents will suggest destinations that are more child friendly. However Uruguay is great for kids, especially older children and teenagers who will love the culture and sense of adventure in this unique travel destination.

For other city or cosmopolitan experience, you can take time to visit Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento. Montevideo, Uruguays capital is rising as one of the most sought after by tourists. Museums fill up Montevideo. Some of the must visits include Museo Torres Garcia wherein cubist arts are displayed and Casa de Rivera which has exhibits depicting the history of Uruguay.

Colonia del Sacramento, on the other hand, is a small colonial city which you reach by bus from Montevideo. Colonia del Sacramento is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will love the alleys and plazas which will take you back in time.

If you are more of a nature and adventure seeker, you should consider taking a trip to this countrys Atlantic coast and have wildlife encounters. As for activities like horseback riding, if is offered in the vast fields of the country. If you want to relax, you can go hot-spring hopping around Rio Uruguay. Beaches are also a thing in Uruguay with Punta del Este, Punta del Diablo, Cabo Polonio to top the list.

The rich culture of Uruguay is not only embodied by the buildings, museums, sites etc. Have a taste of the culture through your stomach, you should take a trip to Ciudad Vieja. There you will find numerous food stops which offer doughnuts, churros, pasta, pizza, sandwiches and many more. You can all fill your tummy with their famous toasted bread roll which is composed of beef, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, eggs, ketchup and mayonnaise. If you are more of the barbecue type, along the docks are restaurants serving quality foods.

You should not be fooled by its size, Uruguay has a lot of places which are worth seeing. Uruguay is a complete package of beaches, city life, food, and accommodation.