The Way to Enjoy Movies

If you are not a film critic by profession, then you have the right and the opportunity to enjoy movies. While not everything deserves an Oscar, it does not mean you cannot have a great time. Regardless of what movie genre you like, there are easy ways for you to truly have that wonderful movie experience.

• Leave the Phone

Even if you are the type of person who cannot live without their smartphone, if you want to enjoy your movie, you just need to leave it behind. Not only do you get distracted, but you also annoy other people in the cinema. Worse, you miss out on something important, either you fail to understand the scene or you have to ask your companion, further distracting him or her.

So make the choice between your phone and the movie. If you really want to watch the film, you can live without your smartphone for the next 2 hours.

• Stick to 2D

While 3D movies were impressive at first, it does not really add to your enjoyment of watching movies. Worse, you have to wear the glasses the entire time and you might even get a headache. You also have to remember those earlier 3D movies were an hour long max, and recent blockbusters are even up to 3 times as long. The fact that you have to pay more for these movies is also worth noting. So just enjoy the traditional 2D version and spend the money you save on good popcorn.

• Skip the Reviews and the Spoilers

While reading about a film can help you decide whether or not to watch it, you can also skip this step. Why? Because you will end up reading about the good and the bad things about it, and you will start watching the film already biased towards or against the movie. Spoilers will also remove the excitement and the suspense. So if you truly want to experience the movie without any expectations, just go blindly into the cinema and let yourself be surprised.

• Go to the Cinema

There are advantages to watching at home using online movie portals. First, you get to watch something that is most likely not showing in the cinema. Second, you can hit pause when you really need to do something else.

However, for a full movie experience, there is still nothing like going to the cinema with some popcorn to enjoy while watching. Because you cannot hit rewind or replay, you tend to focus more and take in everything you see on the screen.

Good films have been produced for the audience for entertainment, and not just to make money. You can treat yourself every once in a while to a classic movie experience and once you do, follow these steps to truly enjoy it.