The Travel Bucket List For The History-lover

Everyone has their priorities while traveling, or places they prefer to see. For some, they would love to stretch under the sun and drink a cocktail at the beach. There are others who love culture and art, spending hours in galleries or museums. Shopping or exploring big cities might also be another allure for some travellers. Then there are people who love to see old monuments and learn more about history.

There is nothing more thrilling than seeing structures thousands of years older than you, built by people who had very little technology. Visiting them will not just wow you, but you will also learn a lot and appreciate what ancient civilizations have accomplished.
Of course, everyone knows the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Wall of China and the Coliseum. For those who want to find out about lesser-known historical places out there, here is the bucket list for you:

Angkor, Cambodia –
These ornate temples, including the popular Angkor Wat, were built between the 9th and 15th Century. Over the years, they have been eaten by the forest before they were rediscovered. The huge roots intertwined with the stones add to the mystery of this historical site.

Acropolis, Greece –
These monuments are living examples of the ancient Greek civilization. Built around the 5th Century BC, these structures are not just religious temples, but they are also traces of a time of mythology and art. It is hard not to be amazed at the grandiosity that ancient Greece left behind more than two thousand years ago.

Galapagos Islands –
This group of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean made it into history for inspiring Charles Darwin to come up with his theory of evolution and natural selection. You may find here the special species of animals that led to this idea.

Göreme National Park, Turkey
– The volcanic landscape is the site for these strange underground dwellings found in rocks and caves built all the way back in the 4th century. Even more interesting is the location of sanctuaries popular during the Byzantine art era not far away.

Hampi Monuments, India
– Through the epic tales, shrines, and palaces, the culture of pre-colonial India has captured the hearts and minds of travelers. If you are one of those who would love to experience this up close and personal, head over to the Hampi Monuments, where the stone remains of the last Hindu Kingdom can still be viewed.

Stevns Klint, Denmark –
This very little known destination is rich in history of the geological kind. What you will find here are traces of life from millions of years ago, preserved in fossils. You will discover here, specifically, records of an ash cloud that formed after a meteorite crash-landed into Earth. Half of all existing species back then died because of this event, including the giant dinosaurs that roamed the Earth at this time. Here you can learn more about it and even see how life evolved after this cataclysmic event.

These are just some of the places in the world that will educate and inspire you. See more ideas here. These places represent different eras in Earth and mankinds history, and will surely leave you with wonder at how they have survived thousands, and even millions of years. Not only will you leave knowing a little bit more about the world, you will also feel an immense respect for those who have been born a long time before us. Even without the latest technology, they were able to leave behind these structures for us to enjoy many years later.