Travel Is An Adventure – Not Just A Destination

It is vacation time, and you’re probably planning to travel.

We don’t know where you’re going. But what we know is that most travelers have their priorities wrong…

You see, most people travel for sight-seeing. They treat their travels like a peek into a foreign destination…

A visit lasts a few weeks, before heading home.

But sight-seeing isn’t enough. There’s so much you can do at a foreign country, beyond visiting a museum or two…

And knowing what you can do requires a change of mindset. In other words…

You Must Be Adventurous.

You’ve got to treat your travels like an exploration into the unknown.

Treat your travel as an exploration into a different dimension. Because that’s what you’ll get in a foreign country…

There should be an element of unpredictability in your travels.

You want to land in a destination with exotic activities you can try out.

Different Languages.

Part of an adventure involves adapting to an overseas language.

The people around you won’t conduct themselves the same way they do back home. There’s a different body language, different expressions, and obviously you being a foreigner.

So travelling is a chance to learn a new language. It’s a chance to learn about a new culture.

In fact, it can be an opportunity to practice a new language that you’re learning!

Different Foods.

Another adventurous part of travelling.

There are many foods to explore at your travel destination. You can try out different cuisines and ingredients…

It’s a fresh break from eating fast-food. And it’s something you can do, if you want to take a recipe or 2 back home!

But eating foreign foods is definitely an adventure. In fact, it’s one of the reasons that travelling is fun!


Most local foods are sourced from their surrounding environments. So if you’re at an equatorial country, expect more tropical and sea ingredients!

Or, you can get something more “farm-like” from an agricultural country.

The options are endless. And we can’t possibly describe the novelty that comes from food adventures.

But what we can do is describe other travel adventures to you.

Your Adventures are Determined by Geography.

When travelling overseas, you’re going to a different climate and geography.

And different climates and geographies mean novel activities. Those activities could be on your “adventure” list for the next travel!


Let’s say you’re going to Switzerland. You’ve got the Alps there, a landmark of the country.

And if you go there in winter, you have skiing and snowboarding as options. In fact, those options might not be available at your home country.

But Alps aside, it is summer time. And you’re probably not heading for a ski.

Instead, you need adventures that are best suited for the hot summer environment!

Such As?

How about aquatic activities.

For that, you’ll need a destination with a beach environment. And there are plenty of those around the world.

You can vary the adventures you have in the waters. When visiting a summer travel spot, you can do everything from swimming to diving!

Scuba diving is especially recommended in summer. You get to go underwater and explore marine life. And you do so at temperatures much milder than the surface.

You can even have a surface aquatic adventure! For example, you can do surfing. You can ride beautiful waves of varying heights.

Or, you can do kitesurfing. Here, you glide through the water on a board, with a kite and a wind propelling you forward!

Not to mention, both options are sports. So you can take your time improving your skills as a surfer. And then you can travel to participate in a competition!

How About Something More Grounded?

Maybe you’re not a fan of aquatic adventures. Maybe you want something exciting, but on-land.

For that, you can try mountain climbing. It’s highly recommended in summer, where higher altitudes are cooler.

It’s a chance to explore wildlife and a good view as you ascend the mountain.

Exploring Nature.

Ever been to a reserve before?

They’re fun, especially ones that host rare and endangered animals. It’s a chance to study new habitats and unorthodox animal lives.

You can observe mild-natured animals such as monkeys and deer. Or you could watch more aggressive animals, like elephants and lions!


If you ever do reach the top, you can always try mountainous activities. For example, you can do cliff gliding!

You can descend down a mountain, through the air, using nothing but a glider!

It’s a terrifying experience, but it’s one that packs adrenaline. And it’s a true definition of an adventure that you’ll never forget!

BASE Jumping.

Another adventurous activity you can try.

This is something you can do more than once. And you can try it as much as you can.

BASE Jumping experiences are hard to forget. You’ll never forget a scary drop down a mountain valley, while being a few meters away from death!

Festivals – Another Beautiful Activity.

Summer is a time of festivals.

If you travel to the right country, you might find yourself in the arms of a social culture.

You’ll find a variety of festivals, ranging from musicals, to sports celebrations, and even food competitions!

Obviously, not all countries are festive. The ones that are have intimate and peaceful cultures. And those make the perfect vacation spot.

For Example…

Why not try a visit to Barbados?

Barbados is a highly developed Caribbean country. It’s the best place for you to try out unorthodox adventures.

It checks almost every suggestion on this list. You can try out aquatic, mountainous activities, and even explore wildlife.

Not to mention, it’s very festive. Because it’s summer all year there!

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