Travels In Walterboro: Home Of Southern Hospitality

Walterboro is a small city in the Colleton County in South Carolina. This used to be the summer retreat of the rich plantation owners. Since their plantations were built on what used to be a marshy area, it served as the home for mosquitoes that carried a one-celled parasite that caused malaria. As more and more plantation owners built summer homes in the area, it expanded until it became the town of Walterboro.

Today, this city boasts of old structures with 19th-century architectural design, museums, antique stores, and a wildlife sanctuary nearby. There are restaurants that feature local cuisine and wherever you go, you can experience the hospitality for which Americas south has been known for. It’s a great, off-beat location for a sightseeing trip or short vacation.

What to Do in Walterboro

The path to Walterboro is one of the less-trodden paths in South Carolina. Travellers are few and far between here. See this site for more unusual suggestions. Most people opt for better known travel destinations in the USA and abroad. But for history buffs and antique collectors, this place is always at the top of their list of places to visit in South Carolina. Old colonial houses are still standing where they used to be, a witness to Americas history.

South Carolina Artisans Center

The South Carolina Artisans Center is the first destination for art enthusiasts. You can find here the handcrafted works of more than 300 popular artists in South Carolina. These artworks are displayed and sold at the center, helping local artists to showcase their art and earn from them.

Tuskegee Airmen Memorial

This memorial is dedicated to the Tuskegee Airmen who fought with the allies during the Second World War. They trained in this area before they were sent to fight in the war. Their courage and patriotism serve as an inspiration to young Americans and made them realize that race has nothing to do with love for ones country. The Tuskegee Airmen proved that despite their skin color, they are also willing to die for their country as what the white Americans do.

The Forde Doll and Doll House Collection

This collection of the different dolls from all over the world has been a great attraction for children. It features dolls and dollhouses and other toys that little girls simply love. The experience will make a mark on the minds of little girls, mothers, and grandmothers.

Antiques & Collectibles of Walterboro

This mall is a haven for antique collectors. It is composed of several historical buildings that sell antiques from china to furniture. Everything is reasonable priced and you will be able to find a treasure among the antiques that are cluttered everywhere in all the shops in this unique mall.

Great Swamp Sanctuary

The great swamp sanctuary brings you close to nature and reminds you of these gifts that are given for everyone to enjoy. Hiking trails intertwine and bring you to the secret nooks of the sanctuary whose beauty is unrivaled. You can see unique frogs and spiders as well as other species that abound in the sanctuary.

Rice Festival

The plantations in Walterboro were planted with rice before the civil war. The Rice Festival is celebrated every year during the last Saturday and Sunday of the month of April. Local delicacies are featured and tourists are given a glimpse of the Walterboro culture.

Make Walterboro your next destination and learn the history of America during the colonial era and before the civil war.