Weight Loss Tips For Pets

Your pet can develop serious health conditions from being overweight or obese which can be caused by excessive eating and lack of exercise. Cats and dogs that are suffering from being overweight can develop orthopedic issues, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, skin problems as well as a number of other diseases.

You will however be able to help your pet by ensuring that they get the correct nutrition as well as a good exercise regimen. Other factors that can cause your pet to gain excess weight are their gender, genetics, neutering or spaying and ageing.

Obesity in cats can be caused by feeding routines that are inconsistent, feeding them when they do not require food and allowing them to eat freely without limiting their food intake.

It is well known that obesity in canines has been found to have been caused by snacks fed to them, the amount they are fed as well and the frequency of feeding. Other causes are dogs being fed their owners food at mealtimes as well as their regular portions of the dog food.

As well as increasing your cat’s or dog’s activity on a daily basis, they will benefit from receiving food products containing less grain as this will enable them to return to a weight that is healthy. Should you wish to feed your dog that’s overweight canned dog food, it would be advisable for them to eat ninety-five per cent premium meat food that’s canned as it is grain free with less carbohydrates.

Transformations in the packaging and processing of pet food have resulted in extended shelf life and superior quality products. Vacuum packed canned foods for dogs are extremely stable with a shelf life of 3 to 5 years and also almost no nutritional value lost. The shelf life of dog food that is dry however, is only ten to twelve months and has to have extra preservatives although certain manufacturers are adding preservatives that are natural, for e.g. vitamins C and E.

It is vital to apply control over the portion sizes and to do this you should follow the portion guides listed on food bought from the store. Forego treats or reduce the quantity and do not eat meals in the presence of your pet.

Make sure that you exercise your dog on a daily basis as this will burn calories, boosts their metabolisms which enables them to shed the excess weight and also prevents the weight from returning.

The process of your pet losing weight must be gradual as it should be for humans. It is recommended that you weigh your pet regularly after they have achieved the desired weight as this will allow them to maintain a size that is healthy.