Social Recruitment ~ if you’re not using it already, it’s time!

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Now that we’re into 2013, it seems like we should already be heading into the next stage of social recruiting , but I can’t help but feel the resistance from so many organisations as they ask me ….  WHY do we need to use Social Media for recruitment?


The simple answer is; Social Media is where your candidates are and it’s where they expect you to be.

They want to see you, they want to ask you questions, they want you to respond and they want to know as much about you before even considering applying for your job vacancy!

The Benefits of doing Social well

Organisations that are successfully engaging candidates through social media, find that candidate’s buy into the brand, culture, work environment and values of the organisation in a much stronger way, because the candidate has a clearer understanding of what the organisation is like before they join.

  • Building Employer Brand

Employers can not only use social media platforms as a valuable tool for sourcing, attracting, engaging and recruiting prospective candidates, but it allows the organisation to build its employer brand.   Showing candidates what your organisation is about, where they could be working on a day-to-day basis, as well as who they would be working for can be your pulling power to finding top talent in the market.

  • Connecting with potential future employees

Social media is not the answer to all your recruitment woes but it’s a tool that can set you apart from your competitors and allow you to engage and communicate with candidates in a way that you have never been able to before.  Gone are the days of businesses sitting back and waiting for the best talent to come their way, candidates are now looking to build on their personal networks and speak with businesses first.

  • Increase the engagement & job satisfaction of candidates

A study conducted by the A-list showed a number of interesting statistics directly related to how candidates are finding their new jobs and turnover based on source of hire.   Candidates that were hired through connections and referral (including social media) had a turnover of 12.8% whilst candidates that were hired through tradition means such as job board had a turnover of 19.3%.

As the report also showed, people who find jobs through connections and referrals are more satisfied with their decisions, than those who found their jobs through other channels. Over 60% of respondents that found their jobs through connections reported being extremely or very satisfied with the jobs they accepted, compared with about 42% who did so through other channels, with over 45% of those reporting that they were not very satisfied or extremely dissatisfied with the new job.

As we know, a candidate who comes through a referral, whether it be an existing employee in the organisation or external contacts that are involved in your business, are more engaged in the process and the business because someone who they know and trust has recommended them for the position.

  • Communicate a clear picture of your organisation

Now let’s say that you build up a crystal clear picture of your organisation’s brand online.  You provide videos that show the managers talking about what they are looking for, why they love working in the organisation, you share information on projects that you’re working on, talk about ‘Why’ your business does what it does and not just about the job that they may be interested in.  This allows for candidates to self-select out if it’s not right for them, therefore giving much better quality of candidates that are

1) Bought into your business

2) Have a clear understanding of what it’s all about

3) Are already engaging with you and your brand before they’ve even joined.

So now that you know  the benefits of Social recruiting, what is your next step?

It’s time to get on-board.

Start talking to the people you’re trying to attract.  It’s no longer a one way street out there.  If you want them, you have to show them what your business has to offer.

If you’re not networking in the right circles and with the right people and putting your best foot forward, the candidate’s your seeking will head to the organisations that are a head of the curve and understand that it’s all about connection and engagement.

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