How to Manage your Twitter split personalities

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Having multiple accounts these day for so many different things can be confusing.

You have to remember whether you used your personal email address or your business one.  Which password, which profile and keeping up with your online self can be a challenging task!

Twitter is no different.  Many people have multiple accounts for their different personal and business lives, so managing your Twitter split personalities can at time be a little exhausting.   If you have a very clear message for that channel then life become oh so much easier.

The first question I always ask is, ‘what is your objective for engaging on this platform?’ 

Once you’ve outlined your objectives then it’s clearer to see what the strategy needs to be.  For example if your objectives are to promote your business, network with individuals with similar business interests and share information specific to your line of work, then you can have one Twitter account with a clear overview of what you want to tweet, when you want to tweet it, what conversations you can get involved in as well as what tone and guidelines you will use for your business account.

If you want to engage with different audiences then the second option is to have two Twitter accounts where you discuss different topics and engage with different followers.  When you start to mix the two streams of conversations it can be confusing for your followers to know what your primary focus is and therefore may discourage them from engaging with you encase they feel they are getting it wrong.

Building your professional profile and personal profile accurately is very important as the conversations that you have will only be relevant to a specific audience.

Personally I have two Twitter handles ~ one is @Styliseme which talks about all things Fashion, Food, trends, social media, craft and Lifestyle.  It supports my personal blog STYLISE which covers all of these topics and my followers on that Twitter account have similar interests.

If I started to talk to them about HR, Talent Management, Innovation, candidate sourcing and recruitment then I’m guessing they would switch off quite quickly and get bored, as this is not an area of interest for them, therefore I tweet to my @SuzChadwick followers about all things HR & Innovation as that is where my audience for these subjects engage on these topics.  Speaking to people about what is of interest to them will help build your audience a lot quicker because they are more likely to share your content with others that they are connected to.

Technology enabler

As the mobile and tablet Twitter apps easily allow you to toggle between your multiple accounts, keeping up with your different handles is not difficult, and as many tweeters will tell you, it’s not always about making time for your social platforms but rather incorporating your activity on them into your everyday working life.  If you work out how to share content on a regular basis through these communication channels. then the conversation will grow and you’ll find it easier and easier to share, respond, engage, ask questions etc.  You’ve just got to throw yourself into it to really get the most out of it.  As I always say, if you went to a networking event and sat in the corner and didn’t speak to anyone, then walked away and said ” that was a really rubbish event, I didn’t meet anyone, no one spoke to me”, then I’d have to say; who fault is that?  Find your voice and you’ll see that people are keen to engage with your on whatever topics you want and that is where the gold is and where our online success can be found.

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