Increase your Employer Brand through online Show & Tell!

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As the saying goes, seeing is believing and many candidates want to see more about your business before committing to the application process.   They want to see who they may be reporting to, who they will be working with, where they’ll be sitting and why other people like to work for your business, so show them!

Imagine if you could walk into the offices of Google, Amazon, Deloitte or Nike, or any company for that matter that you have on your ‘hit list’ as a player you think you would love to work for. social recruiting melbourne

You’re walking around their halls, into their offices.  You’re looking at the view overlooking Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Yarra River or maybe you’re in New York City looking at the Empire state building.

You’re chatting with Google’s creative director or one of the Partners at Deloitte.  They show you some of the cool projects that they are working on.  They show you what their corporate and social responsibility initiatives looks likes and they show and tell you ‘Why’ they do what they do.

Next you head off to a brown paper lunch with the CEO of the business and get to see and talk to some of their great employees.  Not only do you get the chance to talk to them about what they do in their day to day jobs but you get to see what they are passionate about in and out of work.

My question is – how much MORE would you want to work for this company now that you’ve see all that?   Providing visual insight into your business gives candidates the opportunity to make a decision whether this is the type of business they want to work for.  It can increase your employer brand, allow candidate to self select in or opt out and can increase the number of ‘right fit’ applicants for your job; meaning they have seen what’s on offer and it aligns with their motivations and what they want.

I’m guessing that your business is now even more front of mind and their desire to work out how to get there has just increased 10 fold.

Now my question is…. Why can’t you do that for your organisation?

That is what social allows you to do.  You can create, broadcast, talk about, show and share with thousands of potential applicants around the world what is fantastic about where you work and why others should want to work there as well.

It’s time to get social and it’s time to get creative!  Candidates want to see more, know more and have more access.

Here are a few examples of providing candidates with a little sneak peek into your business.



This one is just for fun! 

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2 thoughts on “Increase your Employer Brand through online Show & Tell!

    Stan Rolfe said:
    March 5, 2013 at 6:54 am

    Ha, ive been spruiking this here and people look at me strangely.. “what do you mean” “you need to be careful who you film or get to represent” “that needs a proper production crew and it will be expensive” “you’ll need appropriate approvals for that”

    Then I show them some Jim Stroud YouTube Clip.. and they go ‘ahhhhhhhh’

    Now to get around and film some stuff and get in trouble after the fact.. already got into trouble for using the words ‘growing pains’ in a job posting… which actually received comments from candidates in relation to honesty and true reflection of the business.

    How are you?


    Stan Rolfe Recruitment Manager

      suzchadwick responded:
      March 5, 2013 at 11:04 pm

      Hi Stan,
      It’s been around for ages but it’s slowly slowly with some companies. Its great to be able to show them ones that have been done well. Stats like it increases views by 32% and application by 14% to actually see managers, work environments etc is great…we’ll get there in the end.

      Jim Stroud makes me laugh! I’ve seen some really good job ad videos from hiring manages online lately so I think it’s definitely catching on more. We just need to be ones to keep encourage them!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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