Social Recruiting for Success ~ 1 Day Workshop

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If you read this blog often then you may know that my day job is as the Digital and Sourcing Innovation manager at Hudson RPO in AsiaPac.  One the many things I love about my job is problem solving, supporting clients and delivering real solutions for sourcing success.

Looking at an issue that a client has and working tirelessly through the possibilities of the solutions that could fix that problem.  More often than not it’s about sourcing the right people, finding those skills, engaging with candidates and working out how they do this in competition with many of their competitors.

I’ve attended a few conferences, some as a speaker and others as a delegate and one thing that I’ve found to be true, many times, at Social Recruiting Conference, is that many attendees are there as virgin social media users.  They don’t use social media either personally or professionally and feel daunted by the prospect of implementing a solution when they don’t know the first thing about what benefits it will yield for them.

Through these conversation, I developed the “Social Recruiting for Success ~ 1 Day workshop”, which starts at the very beginning of the Social Recruiting  journey and even go through to the exit strategy formulation should you need it.

It’s provides a clear overview from day 1, how your social recruiting strategy will support your business objectives,  which platforms are right for you and your target audience, what content to post and how to show your metrics and measurement at the end of the day when it comes to Return on Investment (ROI).

Currently running in Melbourne and Sydney, this workshop not only talks about social recruiting but it looks at how social becomes part of your wider sourcing strategy and how it can support many of your other efforts to raise the profile of your organisation and deliver real traffic and conversation, of candidate interest and application through to hires for your business.

For morning information go to Hudson Social Recruiting for Success web page or download the printable brochure: Social_Recruiting_for_Success

social recruiting brochure1 social recruiting brochure2

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