Forget about writing your CV ~ LinkedIn does it for you

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Another quick post today…. the blog is a bit like a micro blog this week with gems of information that don’t need a lot of chat!

One of the features of LinkedIn is that you can download your profile into a PDF.  So you can (in theory) get rid of the old CV and just keep your updated version on LinkedIn.

There have been many articles lately about the death of the CV and that the majority of people have their work history online through their social channels.   I do believe that we’re heading this way and that it’s much easier to see the work that someone has done (if they have been active online) by looking at the content spaces they have created.

linkedin cV

The great thing is that it provides you with the full overview of references as well.   So the next time you need to send a recruiter your CV…maybe consider the easy option!

What are your thoughts on the resume as a dying document?

linked cv1

2 thoughts on “Forget about writing your CV ~ LinkedIn does it for you

    StanRolfe said:
    March 22, 2013 at 11:36 am

    The resume much like the paperback novel or vinyl record will not die. Heck, people still put fax numbers on their business cards..whats up with that!

    Sure there will be many interpretations and advancements in the way in which a resume is represented, and I am excited to see these innovative approaches.

    Some argue that the LinkedIn Profile and your Social Imprint provides for a more real account of an individual. There maybe dozens of recommendations or endorsements for example which may indicate a person’s skills, expertise, performance etc.

    How many times have you heard of someone embellishing their LinkedIn profile, or telling out right porkies in relation to their title and responsibilities. How often have you been endorsed on LinkedIn by people you have never met or spoken with? Heck I was even endorsed for Contract Management the other day and its not something I do in my job!

    Yes, all your activity provides some insight into an individual which you might make some judgement’s on but again “its a fine line between pleasure and pain”.

    Then there are certain industry sectors more savvy and perhaps would lean towards the ‘Mayan Apocolpyse of the Resume”. But in Construction, particularly the Trades I doubt i’ll start to see NFC, Vizify, YouTube, Twitter applications. And even more worrying is how on earth will ATS cope with the huge variety of platforms that could be used to apply!

    Then we have 3rd party client requirements (in Mining & Oil Gas we do unfortunately) who require manual applications anyway. A little thing called ERMS.

      suzchadwick responded:
      March 25, 2013 at 8:55 am

      Hey Stan,
      Thanks for stopping by. I agree that the resume will take a long time to die or will just evolve into something else. This was just an easy option for those who use LinkedIn with more detail in their profiles. I do believe that you’re online profile, across different platforms will be a way of seeing someone’s impact and experience, but this may not work for everyone of course. Just like a CV that can be puffed up, so can LinkedIn, it’ll always be in the conversations that you start to drill down. I have to be honest I’ve never been a fan of endorsements. I feel like it’s the poor cousin of the reference. If I can’t be bothered to spend time writing a reference for you, then I’ll just hit one button and endorse you. Yes I’ve also had endorsements for things I haven’t done by people I don’t know…what is that about?

      I do think that the ATS and online application system does need to be looked at in more detail and I’ll interested in having conversations around how we attract, connect and take someone through to hire in a different way… but that’s a whole other blog post and one that I’m working on at the moment. More and more candidates are opting out of the big recruitment process machines and just saying NO, which is really interesting because it then begs the question, am I getting the best person… or just the ones that are willing to do as I tell them when it comes to assessment for my company… time to change our thinking I believe!

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