Knowing the Rules of Engagement when it comes to Social Recruiting

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I recently read a blog post on  The Undercover Recruiter which had  a good infographic on “How to Source Top Talent”.

Out the whole infographic, there was one section (copied below) that stood out to me entitled “Know the Rules of Engagement”.

Whilst infographics are great and really help you to visualise what may be required, there is a lot that is worth expanding on.

Looking the image below, I feel that a whole book could be written on it, and no doubt there have probably been many books written it on, so I just wanted to touch on a few key points for those of you who are sitting in your office, or at your desk or if you’re lucky in a park somewhere thinking….Targeted? Consistent? Creative? Relevant and Urgent?  how do I do that?

thesocialrecruiter engagement  Let’s briefly run through some of these ideas.

1) Targeted: 

As I’ve stated before, many people think that when it comes to recruitment that more must be better.  The more exposure we have, the more candidates that apply, the more interviews we conduct.  But as with many things, more does not equal better or in fact quality.  Unless the people that you’re targeting are exactly what you are looking for then your resources will be sucked into reviewing mismatched cv’s.

Action: Be Targeted.  For the next 3-4 weeks, ask the candidates that you’re speaking to which social platforms they are on, what skills or industry specific communities they are apart of, and what content they would be interested in a) generally….ie: what do they read about and b) about your company

Know who they are, where they are and what they want! – there’s your strategy!

2) Consistent: 

Many companies get online and then work it out as they go.  Now whilst you will definitely learn new things as you go, before you start you need to have a plan.   What will you talk about?  Who is your audience? based on your knowledge and research, what do they want to hear about?

Action: By having a plan you can clearly outline that for 40% of the time you’ll share industry relevant information, for 40%of the time you’ll share company specific information and for 20% of the time you’ll share fun and interesting information.  This mix and weighting is completely up to you based on your audience and objectives.   By being consistent people know what to expect and go looking for the content that they know you’ll share that’s of interest to them. Having content curation sites such as or makes it easier to share content and I also have a stream on my Hootsuite dashboard with keywords that I’m interested it so that at a glance I see everything on Twitter about #socialrecruiting #socialrecruitment #HR #candidatesourcing.  This makes it easy for me to share  information quickly and my audience know what’s coming.

3) Creative:

This can be the challenge for many companies.  What will I say and how will I say it in an interesting way?  A great way to great creative is to use image sites and apps such as Pinterest or Instagram to share fun pictures of your office and staff, as well as inspiring or interesting quotes and images on Pinterest.  It just breaks it up a bit and as many stats and infograph show, pictures will always have a much higher engagement response rate online as people love to look at something rather than read, read, read!  So get your message across in a different way.

Action:  think about what is great about your company that you could share in a different way – that is not an official marketing release but something that reflects what your business is about.   Are there great events that you host or charity runs that you do.  Build an image of what happening behind the doors of your business that makes people want to work there and you’ll be heading in the right direction!

4) Relevant:

There is nothing more annoying that receiving something and the first thing you think is “why did they share this with me” – the whole, what’s in it for me is key to ensure people continue to return for more or engage and response to what you’re saying.   Why keeping an open dialogue with candidates that you’re engaging with, you will know what’s relevant to them.

Action: Ensure that you’re content answers these questions :  Will they find value in this content?  Will it help them solve a problem? Will it give them a new or more in-depth insight into my business?  Will they find this engaging  educational, funny? ~ remember it doesn’t all have to be serious!

5) Current: 

Simple but true, make sure the information that you’re sharing is current.  There are so many articles out there with information sources from 2004/5/6/7 that are really out of date now and not relevant to the current market or what’s happening in your industry.  Keeping your finger on the pulse of what is happening right now will mean that candidates feel like you ‘get it’ and you’re not just regurgitating information that has been rehashed.

Action: from the research you do with you candidate base, understand what their problems are right now and then respond to those problems with relevant information.   I would rather have 1 sentence that assists me now than a whole document that provides little insight or applicable information.

These are just a few point that I thought were worth building out a little bit more.

I can’t emphasize enough, how important it is for you not to assume what your audience want to know, but to actually speak with them, gather the data and make your decisions based on that information.  If you run off and just start doing what you think is right, you may miss the mark completely, waste time, money and effort.  Get it right from the start and you’ll see the benefits and return on investment  a lot quicker.

{Also check out my PLATFORMS tab to see more ideas around content to post on which platform}

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