Time Efficient Content Curation – Quick Tuesday Tips

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Happy Tuesday all,

Today is a quick post and so I thought I would share some tools that I use on a daily basis, that I think make my life a lot easier.  They allow me to quickly seeing what new content is out which allows me to share it across my networks.

1) Hootsuite.com

Hootsuite.com is my go to place to manage my social platforms and accounts.  It’s a one stop shop where I can schedule messages to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn as well as manage information streams that I like to keep up to date with.


I follow specific hashtags so that any time there is new content with that hashtag it shows up in a separate stream.    This makes it easy to retweet, favorite and read later, respond and share information and reduces that amount of time I need to spend on my social channels without reducing my impact or activity.

I also can’t recommend Hootsuite university enough.  It’s a big time commitment but the content of the webinars {all 42 of them} are gold!   I’ve learnt loads and now that I’m a Hootsuite certified professional, I’ve found that everything I’ve learnt can be practically applied to my day-to-day work.


 2) Mention.net

I’ve been using Mention.net for some time and have found it to be really useful.  Like Google Alerts, Mention allows you to set up alerts based on topics or keywords that you want to track online.  My alerts provide me with an overview of all mentions online of Candidate Sourcing,  Employer branding, Social Recruiting, Hudson as well as a number of clients that I like to keep up with re any news about their business.    A great business development tool!


3) Feedly.com

Feedly.com is where I keep up with all my personal and professional website and blogs.   It’s aesthetically appealing and I find it easy to see quickly which new articles I’d like to read.  I probably use this for pleasure more than business but it’s great for both!   Once again it’s a platform that allows you to share quickly and easily.


So if you like to grab a coffee in the morning, these tools will allow you to stay on top of the content coming through and save your time and sanity.

Tip: A quick social media time management tip

I check my social platforms with a coffee in the morning and schedule posts that need to go out during the day.  I then take 2 minutes before heading to lunch to make sure I don’t need to respond to anything and then I check it for 5-10 minutes in the evening.

Being conscious of your time is essential as it’s easy to get sucked into a time warp!

  1. Know what your purpose is for being online,
  2. who your audience are
  3. and what you want to share.

If you’re clear on those 3 things then you’ll find it easy to sift through the noise and find quality content to share.

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