Is LinkedIn creating lazy recruitment?

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It’s just a question…. but after reading the 2013 Social Recruiting Activity report put out by Bullhorn Reach the other day, I have to wonder….. is LinkedIn creating a breed of lazy recruiters?

I remember when everyone was searching Monster CV databases and posting all their jobs online and if you weren’t doing that, then you were obviously just missing a trick.   I always get a little bit cautious when one big organisation seems to be holding all the cards and our blinders gets thicker to continuously improving the way we engage and connect with candidates.

I’m fully aware that LinkedIn is extremely valuable to recruiters, it’s an easy way to find the people who you need and build your personal brand as well.  I log in every day myself and yes I definitely find it very valuable, but I’m also well aware that there are a huge number of highly skilled candidates that are not on LinkedIn, nor do they plan to be.

So the question is, are recruiters using LinkedIn as their one stop shop for recruiting and when they’re done with that and of course the job boards, then their search is over?  I’m guessing most of the time – the answer is yes, and from recent research it seems to be going that way.

The report states that ‘while 48% of recruiters relied solely on LinkedIn in 2011 for social recruiting, a full 64% did so in 2012″.  It’s the word solely that catches my attention.

linkedin recruiter connection

Personally I think it’s key that we have a varied range of sourcing channels from which our recruiters find their candidates.   I always say to recruiters that I’m training, if you advertise your job online, you may just be getting the best candidate that applied and not actually the best candidate in the market or the best candidate for the role.

Having a sourcing strategy that covers a wide range of channels can include:

Referrals, Internals, headhunts, social networks, talent pools and communities that you’ve built, open web searching, conference and associations, generally networking events and potentially self hosted events, blogs, market mapping, gamification, apps and the list goes on and on.

As with any sourcing channel that is heavily relied on, how would you as a recruiter or how would your recruiters go if that platform was taken away all together?  Would they still be skilled enough to find the people who you need?

I talk about the “Curious Recruiter” a lot and once again it’s those who are constantly looking at what is driving the candidate market, which platforms they are on and where they are connecting and communicating that will be a head of the game.

Some of my favorite searches included:

  • Groups either locally or globally
  • FollowerWonk which helps me target Twitter users
  • Facebook Graph Search is probably one of the most under utilized search tools around, with one of the widest reaches
  • and of course open web searching which means you can get your hands on thousands of LinkedIn users whether you have a recruiter license or not.

Over the next few posts I’ll focus on how I use these tools to search for those ever elusive candidates.

Do you have ‘curious’ sourcers or recruiters in your business?

2 thoughts on “Is LinkedIn creating lazy recruitment?

    Andy Logan said:
    May 29, 2013 at 11:20 am

    I believe LinkedIn is like any ATS, it is another tool to go to in your toolbox, but it is not the be all and end all. The way I approach every position is I look at where I think I am going to get the best results and tailor my search depending on that. E.g. sometimes I will use Seek, others I wont, go to Talent Pools for particular position etc.

      suzchadwick responded:
      May 29, 2013 at 10:23 pm

      Hi Andy,
      that’s interesting that you view LinkedIn as an ATS and I agree that it’s another tool in the toolbox. I thought it was interesting that some recruiters listed as the only recruitment tool that they used and limiting considering that not all candidates are on LinkedIn. I know that a number of companies that I’ve spoken to rely heavily on LinkedIn and whilst I think it’s a great tool I do think that we can be in danger of relying on 1 thing a little bit too much. Its great that you use a number of sourcing channels, I think that’s the only way to recruitment.

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