The Impact of Social Currency on Employer Brand

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Happy Monday all!!

So today I want to talk about Social Currency.   “Social Currency = If you can give people something that no one else has or make them feel remarkable, then it’s more likely they will share that information because it makes them look good, and in the process you as a business or brand look good as well” ~ Jonah Berger.

There is a FAB YouTube Video by one of my favorite people in the world, Mz Marie Forleo and University Professor (who wears very cool Nikes!…no grey beards or sweaters here) Jonah Berger called Viral Marketing.

He uses the example, which I’m sure most of know well, which is when LinkedIn sent out emails to a huge amount of people saying “Congratulations you were in the top 1% of LinkedIn users”.

Of course not only did that make us look and feel great but then we decided to share it with others, which meant that we were not only promoting ourselves and what may (or may not) be seen as an achievement, but by LinkedIn making people feel special, smart and in the know, LinkedIn got to come along for the ride thereby promoting LinkedIn even further.

The point is that if you make people feel special then by way of them sharing that, you/your brand or Employer brand gets to come along for the right.

Think about this – if your organisation made you feel special, did things that were a little out of the ordinary and just made an effort really – then how likely would you be to talk about them to others?  We’ve all heard friends talk about how their businesses sent them to a conference in Hawaii or they received an award or some great perk and it does make you think….wow that company really appreciates their people and in turn, maybe they could be a good company for me.  Now it’s doesn’t even need to be a large financial rewards, I remember my old flat mate in London used to get ‘Summer hours’ which meant that on a Friday during Summer they could leave the office at 1 or 2pm to enjoy the rest of their day.  That was 10 years ago and I still think that that’s pretty cool!

What about if you offered something to a client that no one else offered that they thought was great value, remarkable or insightful?  How much more would that client be willing to recommend you either internally or externally?

I love this video, not only for the great social and marketing gems but because I can see how we can apply that to Employer Branding for our clients and our own organisation.

As many heavy hitters in the recruitment world like Johnny Campbell and Bill Boorman etc say, it’s all about the candidate engagement now.  It’s now a lot easier to find top talent, but the engagement part of that equation can be a difficult one.

So my question is – How are we making candidates feel?  When they have an experience with us as recruiters or organisations are they going away and talking about that experience in a positive way and therefore building our social currency as an organisation or is their experience so poor that we’re actually coming out of the social mention pretty poorly?

When working for a management consultancy in the UK a few years ago, I will alway remember the conversations with unsuccessful candidates that went something like this…. “Suzanne I’m really disappointed not to get the role but I thought the process was really good, the feedback was comprehensive and my experience was positive and I’ll definitely try again in a couple of years when I’ve developed my skills further”.    1- do we know what candidates are saying about our businesses or client’s business to start with, which is the definition of employer brand really…the perception in the market of what it’s like to work at that organization both internally and externally; and 2 – do we know what unsuccessful candidates are saying about us once they’ve had an interaction with us.

Now I’m well aware that with thousands of applications it can be hard, but if it’s not even on  your recruiters radars that every candidate is or could be a walking advertisement for your organization, brand or employer brand then we’re falling down at the first hurdle.

So a couple of things to ask yourself when it comes to representing either yours or your clients employer brand in the market:

1) Am I making our candidates feel special in any way?

2) Am I tracking what people are saying both internally and externally about our employer brand?

3) Are they sharing the great stuff about our business because a) we make them feel special or b) because they think what we do is great and make it easy for them to share it

4) Are we assessing whether candidates are having a good experience when they come through our recruitment process and yes through the Applicant Tracking System?   Is it a standard thanks but no thanks email, or have we tailored it a little more so that they know we actually looked at their CV?

These are just a few light thoughts for this wonderful Monday morning in sunny Melbourne! (I hope it’s just as lovely where you are as well!)

One thought on “The Impact of Social Currency on Employer Brand

    Neven Valand said:
    December 25, 2013 at 11:12 am

    Very useful.

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