Employer Branding & Spiritual Connection ~ Really?

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Did you read the heading and think……’have I subscribed to the right blog????’

Yes it’s still me and yes we’re still talking about sourcing and employer branding, but today I want to talk about whether the corporate world is aware of a huge shift that has been happening for some time now.  This shift is highlighted in ‘The Evolution of Employer Branding 3.0‘.

What do I mean?

Well last week I held a client workshop, entitled “How to build an Engaging Employer Brand in 2014”.  In the session one of the topics I went through was Brett Minchington‘s evolution of employer branding.

Employer Branding

When I ran through the column entitled EB 3.0, we looked at how the GFC has shifted employer branding into a focus on how organisations, employees and all other stakeholders involved in the business are now responsible for and need to conscious to make the world a better place.  Many of the younger generation now make decisions based on whether a company is aligned with their values, what the social and corporate responsibility of the business is and how they can not only give back, but how they find meaning in what they do every day.

So I asked the attendees a question.  Now that employer branding has moved to not only functional and emotional territory but 1) were they aware that it had now shifted to the spiritual and 2) what were their thoughts?   The one response I got what “Maybe in California”.

I have to be honest, that I was surprised.  Maybe there was a reluctance to talk about it as many people feel strange or uncomfortable talking about things like Spirituality when it comes to corporate business.  The reason that I think I’m comfortable with the notion is because I have a fairly deep connection with a global online community of entrepreneurs, risk takers, thought leaders and challengers of the status quo.   There is a very regular and healthy discussion around how what we do feeds our soul, gives us purpose, drives our passions and makes us feel like we’re giving back as well as being socially responsible human beings.

If you wanted to know if it’s only happening in the States, all you needed to do was check out Entrepreneur Unconference in Melbourne on Saturday.  It wasn’t just business owners that were there, it was a wide range of entrepreneurs as well as corporate employees talking about how they could do more in the world, be smarter, be better, be less selfish and give back more whilst making money and a living in the process.

So my questions to you my readers are these –

1) Do you think that the corporate world is void of this spiritual or deeper connection with what is happening outside their building walls?

2) Is there a desire to give more than just our productivity and cash.  

3) Does the corporate world understand that in order to attract some of the best in the business, there needs to be an awareness of this shift and look at how organisations respond to these needs?

I felt that the Global Vice President of HR for Unilever, Geoff McDonald, who spoke at HR Leaders forum in Sydney 2 weeks ago knew that as a business they needed to understand this and connect at a deeper level with employees and customers in order to not only be sustainable but conscious and deliberate contributors to the world.

I’m so fascinated by the lack of discussion around this topic in businesses, when millions in the online community are shouting about it from the roof tops.

Why should we as HR professionals and recruiter care I hear you ask?  The bottom line is that it’s getting easier for individuals to start-up their own businesses in a world that has no barriers or borders to a global marketplace and if those us in corporate business don’t give people a reason to stay; then the bottom line is that they won’t!

I would love to know what you think ~ please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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