What is your Employer Brand Pyramid for 2015?

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Firstly – Happy New Year!  Do you feel the abundant sense of optimism that seems to be everywhere (or is that just me?). Everyone I chat to feels excited about the year ahead, that things are looking positive and there is a strong sense of growth, energy and excitement.   Well if you’re not feeling it then hopefully a little of mine can rub off on you! 🙂

As you know I passionately believe that a company can prosper or fail based on its employer brand.  If I’m connected, engaged, excited and committed to my organisation then my output will be exceptionally high.  If the majority of employees feel that way then the reflection on the business will be just as attractive to those outside the business.

One of the visuals that I think allows for clarity and simplicity when it comes to displaying whether you have clear messaging and purpose or not, is the employer branding pyramid.   There are a variety of versions available but today I thought I would just share one that I think works.

employer brand pyramid

Employer Brand Promise:

If I work for your business, what is the overarching promise that you will make to me?

An examples is, in my current role I have the promise of: opportunities to be innovative, creative and deliver exceptional work to clients.

All of our employees are encouraged to think differently and try and be different in order to provide our clients with a strong competitive advantage when we’re delivering outcomes for them.

If I asked you what your organization’s employer brand promise is, what would you say?

Employer Brand personality:

What is your organisation’s personality? Is fun and hard working, is it professional and structured, is it creative and flexible? how would you describe it and more to the point how would your employees describe it?

Key Values & Beliefs:

What are your employees key values and beliefs?  What do they care about and how does your business align to that? “our people believe…..”  “We value X”

How employees are Valued:

Based on their values and beliefs, what do your employees value i.e: how do they want to be treated? What is rewarding for them and what is a must for them in their work environment? How does your business meet that need?

Functional Benefits:

How does this all translate into a tangible reality for them?  So when you hire people, train them, develop their career what is on offer?  At which points in the employee life cycle do they see and experience the benefits of the employer brand promise?  These may also be your EVP statements.

Proof Points:

What brings it all to life?  This is where you list everything in your business that contributes to the people or employer brand promise.  So it may be benefits in your business such as the leadership programs, lifestyle programs, flexible working, referral programs and rewards, job swap or sharing, rewarding social responsibility.  What is part of the business that supports the values in a tangible way?


Employer branding doesn’t have to be complicated it just needs to be clear and focused on your people.  

How would you rate your company’s Employer Brand message?


Suzanne Chadwick is the Head of Employer Branding at Hudson RPO.  We provide employer branding consulting in Melbourne, Australia with a global team and reach across Asia, the Americas and EMEA. For more information head to http://hudsonrpo.com/digital-and-sourcing-innovation-consulting-services.


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