Welcome to the Social Recruiter ~ your starting point for building your organisation’s employer branding, sourcing and online recruitment strategy and activity.

This blog is your ‘How to’ guide when it comes to building a strong employer brand in an ever crowded market, developing social recruiting solutions in your organisation as well as training your recruiters to alway challenge the sourcing status quo. We’re keen to know about specific issues that you’re having that you may need help with, so leave a comment, question or get in touch through the contact page and hopefully we can tailor the content for our readers.

One of the key issues that I speak to clients about is where to start.  They see so many organisations jumping on the Social recruitment band wagon but feel that it can be a daunting task to weigh through all the information online and find a clear guide to the basics.

Based in Melbourne, as the Managing Consultant for the Brand & Sourcing Innovation division within Hudson RPO (AsiaPac) I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at Social Recruiting, HR and Sourcing conferences as well as working with our onsite managers and clients to discuss, workshop and support their Employer Branding, sourcing and digital recruiting efforts.   A HR & Recruitment professional with over 15 years experience across Australia, the UK and the US, I’ve worked with many organisations to support to build their talent and recruitment capabilities.

My philosophy in a nut shell, is that every organisation is different and offers something unique for their audience, whether it be their customer, candidate or client.  Discovering that offering is part of the fun, and I’d be happy to help you along the way!

Providing Employee Value Proposition project support, sourcing training for your recruiters or project managing and supporting your employer branding revival, my aim is to development and support HR and recruitment professionals and businesses where needed.

Speaking Engagement 

ARK – Social Recruiting ~ How to get started

DiG Festival –  Creative Sourcing & Employer Branding 

Sourcing Summit Australia – MC & Sourcing Hacks

Hudson Client event & workshop – Building and Engaging Employer Brand in 2014

HR Leaders Forum – Sourcing & Innovation


Note: All opinions on this blog are my own and don’t represent that of my employer.



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