Recommended reading and blogs to following:

Social Recruiting & Sourcing Specific

Who is the Boolean Black belt  ~ Glen Cathey

Social Talent – Jonny Campbell – brilliant Vlogs as well when it comes to sourcing, regular updates on cool tools and tips for candidate sourcing.

Shane’s Recruitment blog – Shane McCusker – I love his Vlogs! some great sourcing videos and guest sourcers as well, well worth checking out.

The Undercover Recruiter – General Recruitment as well as Social Recruiting

Recruiting Unblog ~ Bill Borman

Content Curation  – Mention allows you to set up alerts of key words and then notifies you when they word has been used across the net or social media sites – allows you to easily view and read websites and blogs of interests – I love  It’s a place to find information on anything!  I use when researching on new sourcing techniques, how other people structure things and research papers. It’s a great site worth checking out!

General Social Media Tips & Tricks ~ Jeff Bullas

The Social Skinny – Cara Pring

Infographics – Great infographics online software that allows you to produce interesting content in more visual way – allows you to input information or data and build your own infogram.   It’s a basic version, but if you’re trying to display information in a different way either internally – maybe for a referral recruitment campaign or externally then it’s provides a bit of a change.

As and when I find great recruitment tools, I’ll share then with you here!

LinkedIn searching ~ if you’ve been shown boolean searching before through Google, but just can’t get the hang of building search strings, then this is your new best friend.  Recruitem allows you to just put in the search key words that you’re looking for, it’ll build the search string for you and then allow you to open it up in Google with all the results – easy!!

Social Media Platform Management – My favorite schedule and social management tool

Sprout Social – Another social platform management tool

Social distribution tools ~ provides recruiters with a single solution to distrubute jobs across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  They also have over 10,000 segmented job family twitter handles to target specific skills and job searchers on Twitter for you.  Well worth a look!

Bullhorn Reach ~ Allows you to post jobs to all your social networks in one go.   Your jobs can also then be found through aggregators and ranked more highly in Google search engines.  It will also help you to monitor and measure your output so that you can see which sites are performing best for you.

ReqCloud ~ Similar to Bullhorn, ReqCloud can plug into your ATS and push your jobs out to multiple social channels.   It also provides you with monitoring and measuring dashboards to allow you to track your success.

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