Managing online platforms

how to recruit using social media


  • Connect with potential candidates in a space they already use daily and feel comfortable with
  • Tell your company’s story
  • Show your candidate where they could be working and why it’s great
  • Answer questions from candidates, build community & engagement
  • Be front of mind

General rule:

  • 80% business 20% personal – show the company personality
  • Post regularly, at least once  a day to stay top of mind
  • Respond to questions within 24 hours during the week

What to post:

  • Job on a separate tab rather than on the FB wall itself – don’t create noise on your page. You’re on FB to engage with people not just to promote your jobs.
  • Projects in the business or that you’re doing locally or globally
  • EVP messages – why it’s a great place to work {no corporate speak!}
  • Company News
  • What’s Innovative about what you’re doing?
  • Spotlight on employees/careers/development
  • Videos on culture and working environment
  • Blog posts (if there is a blog)
  • Career advice
  • Post testimonials
  • Events
  • Post a poll
  • Provide exclusive information
  • Competitions

You can promote posts through Pay per click (PPC) which allows you to manage your budget in a specific time frame and can be geographically focused.

How to drive awareness:

  • Promote internally
  • Promote with candidates that you’re speaking with on a daily basis
  • Have on your website and career site
  • Promote through Twitter or other social tools
  • Connect your networks – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn company page, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

Things to be aware of:

  • Ensure that security and privacy settings are at the level you need them to be
  • Your company page and your careers page could be different.  The company page should be focussed on your customers and consumers whereas your career page is for people interested in your business as an employer.  You can also put the jobs tab on the corporate page if you don’t want to miss out on candidates that may not be aware of the careers page.

Great examples:

Reporting & Measuring – Facebook Insights





  • Build the conversation
  • Answer questions from candidates
  • Tweet jobs that can be shared (Retweet – RT)
  • See what people are saying about your company and your brand

General rule:

  • Ideally tweet several times a day if you want to build a following
  • Regular informative tweets will be more engaging
  • 80% business 20% personal ~ “Businesses don’t tweet, people do”

What to Tweet:

  • Company tweets that you can RT
  • Great comments by employee or people that have had a great recruitment experience
  • Projects in the business that you’re doing locally or globally
  • EVP messages – why it’s a great place to work {no corporate speak!}
  • Company News
  • What’s Innovative about what you’re doing? – talk about it, no everything has to be a LINK
  • Videos on culture and working environment
  • Blog posts (if there is a blog)
  • Career advice
  • Tweet pictures and videos (Pinterest, Instagram, recruitment videos)
  • Events  – with the pictures you’ve taken
  • Competitions that direct traffic back to your Facebook page
  • Hashtag # topics that you think are in line with content people want to know – about your business or hot topics in the market
  • Other ideas: Be adventurous and think about – live tweet chats with hiring managers or Twitter hour of power were you will host a TwitterChat session that other can join.  You pose questions and build discussion.

Measure & Report

  • SocialBro –
    • Allows you to see when your followers are on line so that you can tweet at your account’s most active times.
    • It provides you with an overview of where your followers are from, and what some of the key #hashtag words or topics are that they are tweeting about.

social brosocial bro1

  • Hootsuite – Reporting & scheduling tweets to make time management easier

Schedule tweets, facebook updates etc., See how many click throughs you had from a link , See where people are located etc

hootsuite reporting

  • Radian6 ~ for larger orgs with larger accounts




  • Show your company’s personality
  • Show the work environment
  • Provide helpful career information
  • Potentially target women or certain groups of people with specific interests

“Pinterest is now the third most popular social network, it refers more traffic than Google+ and Linkedin combined, and is the fastest growing social network.  With a demographic ratio of 32% men to 68% women, and a definite slant towards creativity, retail marketing and social media, it makes sense that you can get pretty specific about who you target there.” mashable

General rule:

  • Good quality photography
  • Show potential employees the fun side of the organisation, provide value and deliver great visual content about where they could potentially be working

What to post:

  • Interview tips
  • Meet our people
  • Work environment
  • What to wear to work
  • Charity events
  • Culture
  • Motivational quotes and funny inspiration
  • Recognition of employees

Measure & Report

  • Curalate – #pins, #repins #comments etc
  • Pinerly – launch campaigns by linking your pins to analytics tools, which measure click and reach.
  • Pinreach
  •  Repinly
  • Pinfluencer
  • Pinpuff



  • Instagram is a phone app that allows users to take pictures, add filters and then share these edited photographs to Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • It can build a visual diary of things happening in your office, out on site and in your business generally

General rule:

  • Post often
  • Tag all pics
  • Integrate through all other social channels to drive traffic
  • Engage with users when they like and comment on your posts

What to post:

  • Work environment
  • Information about upcoming events, jobs,
  • Products
  • Written messages
  • Work culture – team events, birthdays, training etc

Measure & Report


Simply measured

Hudson rpo social integration

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